Another one bites the dust!

Birthday’s come around every year and remind us all that we are getting old or is it?.  If you cared enough and actually looked beyond the getting old part of it, you would be realising the significance of the day. Not that it rekindles memories of yesteryear’s or make you squabble in fear about the unknown entity ‘the future’ but it never fails to motivate me to live the present.

Its an adrenaline shot right into your system.  I don’t know may be it may be a innate response to fear of failure built into me that drives me nuts. So much so that wouldn’t go to sleep thinking about what I did today but what I wanted to do the next morning.

The premise is that the time before your birthday is exceptionally good for your productivity use it well. I managed to complete some large scale products that were pending through this week. Some of them like the smartpixel_s have taken the best part of 2 months planning and work to be executed the way I wanted but the major part of the work is not in coding or design but in putting the actual work online and I managed to get not just that theme online this week but smart syntax, a new design for smartpixels and got our plugins approved and hosted on official repository.

When I look back the amount of work that has been done over the past couple of months is just unbelievable. Whatever it was pushing it was all for good and definitely taken a major step towards over taking over the world! :).

Birthday’s come and go but I really do hope that I get the energy and motivation like I did with this one for the rest.  Big thanks to my daily inspiration Mom, Amudha, and Dad. You guys are the best things in my life.

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